Thursday, April 01, 2010


It's a new year. A new spring. And a new blog. With the same name. All of my old posts are somewhere in the internet ether.

O and I took a walk tonight, to the neighborhood park. I love when we have the park to ourselves (which is most times). I'm very happy to report that my former terrible allergies haven't been bothering me as much for the last two years. I was afraid that last year was just a fluke.

Look forward to new posts from me. Hopefully more frequently than every 6 months. Happy spring!


Degolar said...


Hadrian said...

Good to see you back sir. And why did you commit all of your old posts to the ether? (I've considered that on occasion myself actually, but never committed to it).

Hadrian said...

Oh, and I like the new look.